Full Service Residential Leasing- (Contact Us)

ForLease California is a provider of residential property management services in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Our services include:

  • Brokerage Services
                a. Sales Listings

                        b. Rental Listings

                             c. Special Location Listings

ForLease California
Landrus Clark Real Estate offers traditional brokerage listing services for our clients. If you would like to sell your home or investment property or offer your property you can utilize our services to gain better exposure for your property income or residential we are ready to provide these services.

  • Full Residential Property Management Services

We will provide expert services and single point of contact to facilitate the management function of your investment property. Our services is offered as a customized or standard program which includes real estate market readiness, establishing fair market rent in consultation with you our client, rental listings and online networking and advertising, providing the critical service of tenant qualification, leasing negotiations and property managed maintenance. We also offer property managed maintenance even if you are not interested in our full service programs. We also provide a full and comprehensive analysis of the property your list with us.

  • Tenant Qualification Services

Many homeowners who list their properties want to ensure that we are placing the right tenant into their investment. Each tenant that applies for the right to lease or rent your property must meet the requirements that we feel will assure our client that we are getting and placing a qualified tenant into their property.

  1. Our qualification guidelines include credit reporting:
    employment verification (and Secondary job verification),
  2. Local and national references verifications for each client.
  3. Present you with an accurate identity of the possible tenants that are seeking to occupy your investments.
  4. You make the final decision on who you prefer to be your tenant.


More than anything we want to ensure that we provide you with a comprehensive and intergrated program and marketing to provide full exposure to the market for people that are looking to lease your property. Our marketing program helps to generate interest in the community your investment is located and is promoted through online resources and showcased on the MLS.

This gives your property a competitive advantage and exposure that increases your chances of getting the right tenant for your property.